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Registration Information

What dogs does the World Canine Association Register?
The WCA registers all breeds, but our specialty is Bully Breeds.


What is the Initial Pedigree?
The Initial Pedigree is for dogs 8 months and older who meet their standard and do not have any current registration. (The dog must be inspected by a certified WCA Judge)


What Registries does the WCA accept?
The WCA accepts UKC, BKC, FCI, AKC. ADBA, ACCP and ABKC. For Shorty Bulls we accept BBC, for Exotic Bullies we only accept ABR, for exotic colored bulldogs we accept BKC, AKC and IOEBA.


How can I Register my dog?
The WCA offers online registration from the comfort of your own home, or you can download the proper forms on this page


How can I pay for my registration?
Payments can be made by Credit or Debit cards, Check or Money Order and Paypal.
For Paypal payments our email address is ( Please include your Paypal Account email address and transaction ID along with your corresponding form.)


How do I submit my forms?
If you filled out the Online Registration, you must submit the Electronic Agreement form with your submission. If you are filling out our forms on paper, we ask that you scan and email them back to us at the following email for a more accurate and faster service.


What are the costs?
There is a fee of $30 USD for the Initial Pedigree, $25 dollars for the 3 Generation Pedigree and $30 for the 4 Generation Pedigree.


How long will it take for me to have my registration?
The WCA prides ourselves on our speedy service, we aim to have your registration in your hands in no later than 2 weeks time.

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