Frequently asked questions

What breeds does the WCA Register?

All breeds! The WCA is an all breed Registry.

I bought my dog from a breeder, but I did not get any registration papers. Can I register my dog?

If your dog is 8 months and older and has been inspected by a Certified WCA judge, it is eligible for registration with the WCA Initial Pedigree.

Lost Papers

We understand that sometimes papers can be misplaced, the WCA can provide a duplicate set of papers for a small fee.

Can I register a litter, if only 1 parent is WCA registered?

Yes, as long as one parent has WCA registration we can register it's litter. You will need to provide a copy of the other parents pedigree for further registration of the litter.

How long does registration take?

We pride ourselves on our fast turn around! You should have your papers by 7 working days.