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  • What breeds does the WCA Register?
    All breeds! The WCA is an all breed Registry.
  • I bought my dog from a breeder, but I did not get any registration papers. Can I register my dog?"
    If your dog is 8 months and older and has been inspected by a Certified WCA judge, it is eligible for registration with the WCA Initial Pedigree.
  • Lost Papers
    We understand that sometimes papers can be misplaced, the WCA can provide a duplicate set of papers for a small fee.
  • Can I register a litter, if only 1 parent is WCA registered?"
    Yes, as long as one parent has WCA registration we can register it's litter. You will need to provide a copy of the other parents pedigree for further registration of the litter.
  • How long does registration take?
    We pride ourselves on our fast turn around! You should have your papers by 7 working days.
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