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World Canine Association


Initial Pedigree

3 Generation Pedigree

4 Generation Pedigree

Litter Registration

Initial Starter Pedigree

For dogs 8 months & older

Microchip (Optional)

Some Restricitions may apply

3 Generations

Co-ownership Available

Microchip (Optional)

Free Virtual Pedigree

4 Generations

Co-ownership Available

Microchip (Optional)

Free Virtual Pedigree

Puppy applications

Microchips (Optional)

Free Virtual Pedigree

Puppy Pack

Vaccination Record (Included)

Pro Plan Starter (For WCA Registered Breeders Only)

Fee: $35.00

Fee: $25.00

Fee: $30.00

Fee: 30.00

(Additional Fees may apply)

Free Virtual Pedigree

WCA offers a Free virtual pedigree with every registration available at

International Microchip

15 digit International Mini Microchip Registered in our WCA Database!

DNA Testing

We offer DNA testing for any Genetic disorder, Color, Profile or Parentage testing!

Registration has never been so simple...

Don't have time to print out forms and fill them out? No problem, just click on the Registration link and fill out your registration online. It's that easy!



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